Your Alaska Host

Meet Liz Jackson


Liz Jackson is a lifelong Alaskan and has been running  Hatcher Pass Bed & Breakfast since 1997. Her experience with and love of log cabins began as a young child when her parents homesteaded on the Kenai Peninsula in a tiny community of Clam Gulch in a log cabin that they built with their own hard labor!


Childhood Alaska Home

With Dad and sister in 1969.

Liz was born in Bemidji, Minnesota and moved to Alaska with her family when she was 4 months old, settling on the Kenai Peninsula and growing up in a commercial fishing family. This picture shows the family building their Alaska log home (with Dad and sister in 1959).

Her parents moved to Australia when she was 16 and after graduating from high school at the age 17 she moved to Australia, where she lived for 6 years on the Gold Coast of Queensland. She returned to her Alaska when she was 23 and has lived here ever since, moving to the Matanuska Valley in 1989. Her two daughters and son still reside in the Great State as well.

Liz’s son, Josh, has just returned to Alaska from Reno where he attended college and graduated and became a professional photographer. To view some of his artistic work including shots of Alaska and see his portfolio, visit

Open year around!

Liz runs Hatcher Pass B&B with the support and help of many wonderful workers, family members, and friends. It is her desire to share her love of Alaska with all who pass the doors of Hatcher Pass B&B and help them with travel plans to the best of her ability. She enjoys hiking, biking, berry picking, sightseeing, skiing, cooking, gardening, reading, and continually growing and expanding as she meets people from all walks of life from the world over. She has knowledge and information to share about fishing, hunting, and other recreational activities as well. If you want to do it, just ask Liz and she will give you advice on how and where to have the time of your life!