Skiing Independence Mine in Hatcher Pass

Skiing Independence Mine: The beautiful white snow reflects the sun and illuminates the skiers and old buildings.

After a few years of intermittent snow, this winter has proven to be a skier’s friend. Over the holiday weekend I went with a few young friends to explore the historical mine-turned ski area. Skiing Indepence Mine in Hatcher Pass is a fun workout for everyone. “Whee, whoopie and watch out!” exclaimed the young skiers … Read more

Spring in Alaska – Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring in Alaska means that I get busy cleaning the logs of the cabins .

Spring in Alaska means more sunshine to see all the dirt in the cabins and especially the dust that accumulates on the logs. My heart sinks. Where did all that dust come from? Winter light in Alaska is very conducive to snuggling up near a fire with a good book and a hot cup of … Read more