Hiking on Matanuska Glacier

Why Stay in Hatcher Pass, Alaska

Central Location

“Why stay in Hatcher Pass,” you ask? Well, let me tell you! The area is centrally located to many beautiful and exciting places. Nestled in the the northern boundary of the fertile Matanuska Valley, Hatcher Pass is the ideal location for the outdoor enthusiast looking to get out on easily accessible trails and fishing areas. Located just outside of Palmer and Wasilla, Alaska, Hatcher Pass is centrally located to two of the areas most stunning viewsheds: Matanuska Glacier and Denali Mountain.

Unusual to see pink lupine in the wild - they are usually dark blue
Wild pink lupine in Hatcher Pass

An hour northeast of Hatcher Pass, the Matanuska Glacier is the largest glacier in Alaska accessible by road.  North of Hatcher Pass by an hour is the bustling town of Talkeetna. Talkeetna is located at the confluence of three rivers and only 50 short air miles from Denali. This town is a beehive of activity during climbing season because all who climb Denali must pass through the Denali National Park Ranger Station here. Hatcher Pass is also one hour north of Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city and where most folks fly in and out of when traveling to Alaska.

What to Do Near Hatcher Pass


There are two ways to get fish while visiting Hatcher Pass: by lake or by river. The abundance of lakes in the area provides relaxing and productive fishing in all seasons.  Winter ice fishing is a must do for catching trout, Arctic grayling and Arctic char.  Summer canoe trips can include relaxing bobber fishing or more competitive reel and rod fishing.  Lake fishing in the Valley can’t be beat.

Looking for a little bigger fish to fry? In the summer, travel a short distance to one of the many rivers in the Matanuska Valley where the salmon from the northern end of the Cook Inlet run. We have everything from the giant kings, to the coveted red salmon, and entertaining silver salmon.


Hatcher Pass is home to some of the best hiking in Alaska. From easy trails like the Gold Mint Trail to more challenging trails such as the Reed Lakes Trail, the Hatcher Pass

Josh, Liz and Moose (dog) enjoy the afternoon sun at the top of Marmot in Hatcher Pass
Enjoying the sun at the top of Marmot in Hatcher Pass

area provides stunning scenery. Visit in late June to early July and you can capture some amazing displays of the Alaskan wildflowers. If you arrive in August to early September you will be able to taste wonderful blueberries in the mountains and savor the vivid colors of autumn.

Venture a little towards Palmer and you will find the Butte, a short but very beautiful hike with a 360 degree view at the top. Also in the area is the Lazy Mountain trail. Don’t be fooled by the name this local’s favorite is a vigorous 4-5 hour round trip hike.

The list of hikes available goes on and on. Most hiking spots are not only beautiful, but they are peaceful and they will restore your soul as well as give you a good work out.


The sprawling Matanuska Glacier near Palmer, Alaska is the largest glacier accessible by car.
Matanuska Glacier off the Glenn Highway

Walking on a glacier transports you through time. The Matanuska Glacier allows visitors to experience a glacier up close and personal via the Glacier Park Resort. Just a short one hour beautiful drive up the Glenn Highway from Hatcher Pass Bed and Breakfast is the Matanuska Glacier. Mica Guides provides great glacier trekking tours and a spectacular zip-line adventure. Nova River Runners can give you a thrill bobbing down the Matanuska River in one of their guided river raft tours. However you go, the Matanuska Glacier area will provide plenty of adventures.

Hiking on Matanuska Glacier
Hiking on Matanuska Glacier is a step back in time.

Rent a Cabin Central to the Amazing Adventures

Choose Hatcher Pass Bed and Breakfast as the home base and central location to your next great Alaskan adventure.  Enjoy a a leisurely breakfast in your cabin, head out for the day to seek adventure, recapture some peace in the mountains, or land a salmon. You choose your activities for the day and come back to us for the evening.

With so much to see and do, check out where you should eat in the Matanuska Valley or learn about skiing in Hatcher Pass.