Who Let the Girls Out - Palmer, April 28, 29, 2017

Who Let the Girls Out

There is nothing greater than being an Alaskan woman and Palmer knows how to celebrate this at their annual “Who Let the Girls Out” weekend running from Friday, April 28th and through Saturday night the 29th.

The brainchild of local shop owner Denise Statz, Who Let the Girls Out is an unabashed women’s day out where you can participate in a whole host of activities including:


Park where you can in downtown Palmer and find your way to any number of the events.

Alternative Transportation

You can take the train out from Anchoage, Alaska to Palmer Alaska buying tickets here. 

Who Let the Girls Out: Event at a Glance

Happening Friday, April 28th and Saturday, April 29

Events All Around Town

Bring a girlfriend and stay at Hatcher Pass B&B for 20% off Friday night April 28th or Saturday April 29th.