Old and young reindeer graze in Palmer at the Reindeer Farm

Planning a Trip to Alaska?

Are you already planning a trip to Alaska? Are you pondering the idea of coming to Alaska this year? Is Alaska on your “bucket” list? If you answered yes to any of these questions, why not plan a “shoulder” season visit to Alaska?                                                

While pouring over the travel brochures they had saved over the years, Don and Michelle contemplated where they would go for their vacation. Alaska kept popping up. They had always wanted to visit Alaska, often thinking is would be in the summer, but this year their vacation was in the spring. “Why don’t we just go up to Alaska for our vacation this spring?” Don asked Michelle. Michelle crinkled her nose, and said, “Really, I had never thought of going to Alaska at that time of year.” “What would we do a there at that time of year,” she continued.

What can you do then? Well, let me be a little travel wizard and help you with that question!

Activities to do in Alaska

  • The aurora borealis is a highlight activity any time it appears in Alaska, and it has been spectacular this year. What better time to view the aurora than springtime in Alaska? Warmer nights are welcoming when standing outside gazing up at the sky.
  • Spring is truly in the air, and there is nothing cuter than baby animals. The reindeer, musk ox, and moose are all beginning the season of giving birth to their adorable young.

    Old and young reindeer graze in Palmer at the Reindeer Farm
    Reindeer graze with their new young in the spring at the Reindeer Farm, Palmer, Alaska
  • Migratory birds stop by the Matanuska Valley in the thousands each spring. Their travel flight plan is so impressive, and they are a delight to listen to, view, and photograph.
  • Skiing one day in Hatcher Pass and hiking the Butte the next day is possible in some springs in Alaska.
  • Visiting the museums in Wasilla, Palmer and Anchorage provides insight into the history and customs of Alaska and her people.


Choose Shoulder Season and Stay in your Own Log Cabin

Sourdough Cabin in early Spring

Save some money and choose the shoulder season to stay at Hatcher Pass Bed and Breakfast.