Mat Su Ski for Women at Government Peak Recreation Area

The Mat-Su Ski for Women is a Delight for Skiers of all Abilities

Enjoying the Mat Su Ski for Women
Liz dances up the last hill at the Mat Su Ski for Women

I love to ski. The Mat-Su Valley is ripe with opportunities to ski. One of my favorite events of the year is the Mat Su Ski for Women. It is a wonderful event to enjoy skiing, be silly and spend time with friends! Cross-country skiing is my go to ski activity because it is affordable (free once you have equipment), the trails are only minutes away, and it is a great work out.

The Mat-Su Ski for Women just celebrated their fifth year of putting on an incredible event that celebrates women and supports the local Alaska Family Services. All proceeds from the Ski are donated to the Alaska Family Services, which provides a myriad of services to women and children experiencing violence and sexual assault. They are a wonderful organization providing much needed services to our community.

Part of the fun of the ski is dressing up in costumes and the wonderful food at the potluck afterward. There are lots of door prizes.  Women and girls of all ages and skiing abilities are welcome and the atmosphere is convivial and light-hearted.

Women of all skiing abilities enjoy the camaraderie of the Mat Su Ski for Women
Square Dancers give a “high-five” after a fun ski


Plan Ahead for 2019 Ski

It may seem like a long way off, but I had made commitments for the previous four years and had missed the Mat-Su Ski for Women until the 2018 Ski. So I have put 2019’s Mat-Su Ski for Women in my calendar already. It is one of the great fun events going at the Government Peak Recreation Area just two miles from Hatcher Pass Bed and Breakfast. It will be Superbowl Sunday, February 3rd, 2019.

What Is the Government Peak Recreation Area?

The newest non-motorized recreation area in the Valley, GPRA, as the locals call it, is located only two miles from Hatcher Pass Bed and Breakfast/Cabins. I have fallen in love with this place. If I don’t have time to go far for a hike, bike or ski – I just jump in the Subi and in 5 minutes Amorita (my dog)and I can ski, hike or bike. Most trails are dog friendly, except for the competitive ski loops. Dogs are welcome to play and exercise with you in the fresh air.

Plan a trip to Hatcher Pass Bed and Breakfast/Cabins and enjoy the fabulous outdoor activities available.

Log Cabins and Fat-bike enhance the Mat Su Ski for Women
Not a skier? Enjoy Fat-bike riding on the fabulous trails in the area. 

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