Cabin Fever Reliever

Christmas 038Get out of town, and out of the winter rut – Come out to Hatcher Pass for a weekend of skiing and learning something new at the Cooperative Extension’s Cabin Fever Reliever event. The event will be held Saturday, February 6th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Matanuska Experiment Farm and will include gardening, dutch oven cooking, cheese making, birch tree tapping, drum making and more. Arrive at Hatcher Pass Bed and Breakfast Friday night, wake up to your own private kitchen in your own cabin and enjoy a leisurely breakfast then head over to the Farm for a fun-filled day doing something different! Enjoy a wonderful dinner at one of our fine restaurants in either Palmer or Wasilla and return to your log cabin in the woods to sleep the night away. Awake Sunday morning to another wonderful breakfast that is stocked in your cabin, then head up to Hatcher Pass and cross-country ski or snow shoe on one of the many wonderful  snow covered trails! One weekend only – the first weekend in February!