Archangel Road and the Talkeetna Mountains

Archangel Road in the Snow Season

Nestled in the heart of Hatcher Pass is a historical mining road that offers excellent winter recreational opportunities for skiers and winter hikers alike.

Skiing Archangel Road

The road up to an old gold mine at Archangel Road allows travelers on it to be encircled by the beautiful Talkeetna Mountains.
The Archangel Road cuts through the Talkeetna Mountains at Hatcher Pass

Located eight miles from Hatcher Pass bed and breakfast, Archangel Road provides a tremendous opportunity for cross-country skiing. Typically, Archangel Road and Independence Mine are the first spots to get groomed for skiing in the Valley early in the season.

Archangel Road is maintained by the Mat Su Ski Club all winter. Through their efforts the ski trails are beautifully maintained for skiers.

Please Note:  During the period when the snow machines are allowed in Hatcher Pass, only the first couple of miles are dedicated to skiers. Later in the season, dwindling snow pack closes snow machining in Hatcher Pass. The road is groomed all the way to the gate – approximately five miles of uphill going out, and coming back – well, you guessed it – downhill!


The Landscape of Archangel: Encircled by Mountains

Archangel Road and the Talkeetna Mountains
Talkeetna Mountains of Hatcher Pass on Archangel Road

The Archangel Road cuts back into the Valley following the Archangel Creek up and back to an old gold mine. As the road winds back up the valley, one is encircled by mountains on all sides. Jagged peaks, boulder fields, and beaver dams on the ponds creates some incredible topographical puzzles. The area provides beauty, peace, quiet, and an opportunity to refresh one’s spirit.

My dog, Amorita, loves to run along and smell everything available while I ski beside her. She often hopes that I might take a minute to throw a stick for her!

Amorita loves Archangel Road
Amorita loves Archangel Road

Winter, even in Hatcher Pass, will soon give way to spring and summer which provides a whole new set of opportunities to enjoy this beautiful spot in Hatcher Pass, Alaska.

Summer Will Come to Archangel Road

The love of Hatcher Pass runs in the family. Next blog will be a short article my son, Josh Hejl, wrote while he was away in college about how he feels about Archangel Road, the crowing jewel of Hatcher Pass in the summer.

Hatcher Pass doesn’t disappoint in any season.  White, blue and black in winter to greens, blue, and a myriad of wildflower colors in the summer. Check back soon for more exciting news from Hatcher Pass.