Alaska’s Iditarod Race

Dog mushing, winter, cold and snow are all a part of the Iditarod Race in Alaska. This winter in Alaska has served up unusually warm weather and a lack of snow causing the start of the iconic Alaska Iditarod Race to move north to Fairbanks to find some snow covered trails. The ceremonial start will still be in Anchorage on Saturday, March 7th, and on Sunday dogs and mushers will travel north to Fairbanks for the official start on Monday, March 9th.iditarodQ


The safety of dogs and mushers is always on the mind of race organizers, and the decision to move the race north is in the best interest of these fine athletes. It is a disappointment for many in Southcentral Alaska that enjoy watching the official start go out of Willow, and then following them along the trail. Many bush communities plan for weeks for the influx of visitors and racers that the Iditarod racing community brings to their towns and villages. They depend on the financial boost it is to their communities, and the fun and excitement the event brings to these villages as well, but in the end it is first and foremost about the dogs and mushers that undertake this grueling race.

We look forward to following the mushers as they travel from Fairbanks to Nome this year, and look even further forward to hopefully a more normal winter in 2016!  Iditarod photo Post