Summertime Fun

Summertime Fun at Hatcher Pass included a hike up the Reed Lakes Trail


Hatcher Pass Summertime Fun
Hiking the Reed Lakes Trail in Hatcher Pass is definitely on the list of Hatcher Pass Summertime Fun Activities

Some of the Hatcher Pass summertime fun includes the beautiful hike up Reed Lakes Trail. This is one of the many hikes available in Hatcher Pass – from rather easy hikes at the Gold Mint Trail to more strenuous hikes at April Bowl near Summit Lake.

Hatcher Pass Summertime Fun also Included Driving over the top of the Pass

Driving the road over the top of Hatcher Pass is a must on the list of summertime fun activities in Hatcher Pass. The road over the top of Hatcher Pass from to Willow on the Parks Highway is usually open for the season around the weekend of July 4th. It is a gravel/dirt road and many rental car agencies do not want travelers to go on roads that are not paved. It is a scenic and beautiful drive though and if you are headed up north it is a nice alternative to driving through Wasilla.

Some hikes available in the Hatcher Pass area are:

Gold Mint Trail, Reed Lakes Trail, April Bowl Trail, and of course, there are numerous trails all around the old buildings of Independence Mine.